Website ReDesign

Simply redesigning your website will do nothing for your marketing strategy nor your web performance.  A common notion among physician’s practices is that a nice looking theme will improve rankings.

A nice looking website only looks nice.  A nice looking website must be SEO optimized to gain high rankings on the search engine results pages (so called SERP).

That’s how we define website performance.

Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) read only content.  Every word of your web page is counted and indexed by these “bots.”  While each search engine has its own secret algorithm on how they produce the SERP, all are focused on providing the most relevant results to the “search.”

In other words, SERP is based upon content, and content only.

Fancy graphics, images (except alt text) and Flash do nothing for SERP, web rankings or web performance.  Nothing.

If you are thinking of only a website redesign, we suggest you reconsider.  The redesign will NOT allow you to achieve the rankings needed to attract new patients to your website, and thus, your medical practice.  You’ll need to optimize your site using the tools and methods we suggest either here and at our workshops.

Without an optimized site….your site will just….look nice.