Website Doesn’t Rank

3 Reasons Websites Don’t Rank

  1. Website is stale, content is old +/- not relevant
  2. There is no content
  3. SEO is not optimized

Search engines actually penalize those sites that fail to refresh the content on the website, have material that is not relevant or copied from another site.

Get Your Website to the “Top 10”

Getting your website to rank in the “Top 10” on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). That’s the goal.  Websites reaching the “Top 10” are easily seen by the consumers.  It’s the same as the newspaper…the most important stories lie “above the fold.”

How to Get Great Rankings for your Site

  • The Three “R’s” of Content (Relevant, Refresh, Regular)
  • Maximize your Medical SEO
  • Consider Social Media

The only way to achieve and maintain great rankings for your site is to produce great content based on our rules of the “Three R’s.”  Your pages must be optimized for Medical SEO.

You may consider social media only after your webpage is up and functioning.

To Your Success!