SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and is a technique for marketing your web site. SEO is the only technique that can allow you to achieve, and maintain, high page rankings with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

“SEO” is a technique to allow you to;

  • promote your web site
  • market your practice
  • develop a web presence
  • attract new clients, patients & customers

Search engine optimization is perfect for marketing a Medical Practice and the only method to sustain your high visibility.

Unlike click through ads, email campaigns or direct sales, SEO awards web sites with quality content. Search engine optimization does not use typical “marketing” sales tactics or strategies.  There are no gimmicks.

SEO simply allows those providing relevant content (that would be you, the medical provider) to link up with those on the Internet searching for information and doctors (your new potential patients).

The 3 R’s to Good SEO

Practicing good SEO is simple and your web page should contain the “3 R’s” of effective search engine optimization;

  1. Relevant
  2. Refreshed
  3. Regular

Search engines reward web pages that provide content relevant to a particular search. For instance, the user searching for “pink widgets” should be provided with web pages most relevant to “pink widgets.”

Not only does Google want to provide its users with relevant content, but it also wants to give a higher ranking to those pages that are updated, or refreshed, on a regular basis.

No Substitute for SEO

Regularly contributing articles, or posts, to your web site is the only way to achieve the high rankings that you want. There is no trickery or shortcuts. No longer can the “top ten” rankings be bought…they must be earned.

My Experience

Using the techniques of SEO, I have been successful in creating a significant web presence, elevating my own web pages and those associated with me, not to mention becoming my own largest referral source!

The hub of my web presence surrounds the success of I launched this web site in April 2009. It is a medical “site,” about retinal disease and I am enjoying high rankings with a smattering of keywords…all due to practicing good SEO!