For years, we have favored using “GoDaddy” for purchasing your domains (aka URL) and hosting. The reasons are simple;

125x125 Hosting & Servers

Great Value
Super Customer Service
Phenomenal “UpTime”

Domain Purchase

The first thing to do is buy your URL. This is the “www” part of the project. At, the process is really easy. You simply “search” to see if your desired URL is available. If so, buy it!

Most domains are pretty cheap and should cost you less than $12/year. If you need valuable keywords, for example “Coke,” the cost of the URL will increase.

If you follow our suggestions for URL selection, this should be an easy step for you.

Hosting Plans

GoDaddy has several different plans to allow you to host your web site. While there is “free” hosting available, I recommend against this and recommend the other options. “Free” allows GoDaddy to place their own advertising banners on your web site.

Economy and Deluxe hosting both provide more bandwidth than we’ll ever need, so don’t get distracted. Shop by price alone and purchase what you want to spend…now. You can always upgrade!

The difference? Deluxe hosting allows more flexibility with adding additional web sites and blogs. The advantage may not be so apparent to you now, but it is a very nice option to have.