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Medical Practice Administrator, Blog Comment Package

Blog Commenting SEO Package

Are you crunched for time? Has this affected the promotion of your medical website? Consider outsourcing some of these critical tasks to get your medical site launched.

Blog commenting is crucial to getting your website noticed on the Internet by creating links to your own site; but, how many physicians or their medical administrators are actually doing this to get their website noticed? Very few, Why? Because it takes a great deal of time to research quality blogs and then leave well written, search engine optimized comments.

Yet, we know that in order to gain top rankings we need to promote our websites and leave comments on other quality blogs. After all, blog commenting is one of the easiest, not to mention FREE, ways to get quality links to your website. So why don’t most medical practices promote their websites through blog commenting…TIME.

With this in mind, we have decided to offer a basic package to get you started on leaving well written SEO comments. Our package starts with us meeting with you to discuss your website and your target audience. With this information we will start a blog commenting promotional campaign for your website. Over the course of a month we will perform the research necessary to find 15 quality blogs with a minimum home page rank of five.

To increase the value of your comments, i.e., social media buzz, if you don’t already have a twitter profile, we will set-up a profile, so your comments can be tweeted for additional exposure.

A typical, well constructed, search engine optimized comment will include your name and a keyword phrase that, in most cases, will link directly to your site. We’ll also include a headline from a post on your site and include that headline below the actual comment. So when everything is said and done and the submit button is activated, your website will get a keyword phrase and headline linking back to your website. In a period of 30 days you’ll have 15 quality posts on other people’s sites linking back to your site, a Twitter profile, and the knowledge needed to continue this free publicity on your own.

For those of you who may want help with developing articles for your website we have a separate package that can be purchased to coincide with the blog commenting package. This premium package will include well written, search engine optimized articles for your website.