Course 525 “Mitigating Legal Risks: Social Media and the Doctor’s Dilemma”

Amy Wong, American Academy of Ophthalmology

2012 Joint Meeting
AAO:  2012
11/13/12 10:15 AM







Synopsis: Physicians need to know how to promote themselves while also maintaining their professionalism and adhering to the ethics rules pertaining to confidentiality, privacy, and advertising. This course will discuss social media and specific ways in which it relates to physicians and poses risks to them. Areas of potential liability include whether a social media interaction establishes a physician-patient relationship and thereby potential abandonment, unlicensed practice of medicine (if the physician is not licensed in the patient’s state), and medical malpractice. Specific safeguards will be discussed to mitigate any potential liabilities.

Senior Instructor: Amy Wong, Esq.

Date and Time: Tuesday, Nov 13 2012 10:15AM – 11:15AM

Location: McCormick Place

Room: S501D

Target Audience: All

Education Level: Intermediate