Our coaching program is our best value. We communicate with you weekly via iChat, Google Hangouts or telephone to make sure you are keeping up with your website and optimization strategy. We suggest renewable 6 month commitments to ensure your webpages achieve and maintain high SERP rankings.

Weekly Reminders….to Keep You Ranked!

  • Keywords for Articles
  • Review Analytics
  • Review Your Content
  • Implement SEO
  • Modify Website
  • Coordinate Social Media

Rank High With Keywords

Depending upon your specialty and your needs, we’ll suggest subjects for your content articles.  Up to date analysis, research and writing will keep you ranking high…and ahead of your competitors.

We’ll routinely monitor your webpage rankings…and that of your competitors.

Review Analytics

The heart and soul of your website will be your content.  Learning what your readers like and don’t like to read is key to analytics.

How many visitors? What are they reading?  How many articles are read?

Analytics (a necessary component of every site) will answer all these questions…and more.

Review Content:  Is it Readable?

Is your content written in the first person?  Are you trying to say too much, or too little?  How is the format?  Can and 8th grader read your articles?

Making it easy for your content to be read is an unwritten rule of medical blogging.  Writing  over the head of you audience is a common mistake, so too, is trying to write too much.

Implement SEO

As Romeo goes with Juliet and Apple goes with “PC,”  Content marketing goes with SEO.

SEO, search engine optimization, is the what tells the search engines how to index your great content!

SEO is the simple process of translating your great content to be understood by the search engine bots.

We’ll teach you using the best tools in the industry!

Modify Website

From time to time, you’ll want to make changes to the appearance and to the functionality of your website.

What to change a them?  No problem.  Turn-key (professional and inexpensive, if not free) themes abound for your WordPress site.  We can make suggestions….and show you how to implement the changes….all by yourself!

Social Media

When you are ready….and only when you are ready, we’ll help you implement social media platforms (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn) to augment your website marketing!

Private Tutor

We can be your private tutor.  You’ve spent valuable time, energy and expense to design a website…now let’s turn your website into the most powerful marketing tool you’ve ever imagined!

Email/Call us.