Fruzsina Toenniessen

Fruzsi Toenniessen, Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLCFruzsi Toenniessen is a Marketing Strategist focused on helping clients create and implement strategies which strengthen relationships with their existing customers and initiate profitable new relationships.

She started her career over 12 years ago and quickly learned to addresses specific marketing challenges with solutions tailored to her clients’ unique needs. Today, she strongly believes that web-based marketing is the core to creating and growing business revenue streams.

As a professional problem solver, she shares best practices and insight to help clients Рfrom Fortune 500 companies to independent small businesses Рsave money, make money and create opportunities.  Both she and her clients value the close and long term relationships they share as they strengthen the position for their mutual companies.

When called to do so, she also has the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.