Amy Wong

Amy R Wong, Esq., Medical Marketing EnterprisesFew people possess the vision and leadership skills needed to inspire physicians to think bigger about the services they provide to their patients.  As an attorney, Amy’s communication and analytical skills have enabled her to break through the traditional medical marketing paradigm to convince physicians that NOW is the time to differentiate themselves and their practices from their traditional counterparts.

Amy began her career in the medical field as an ophthalmic technician.  Her experience working for one of the largest medical practices in Maryland provided her with an array of medical experiences.  After eight great years of providing patient care she left the medical field to attend law school.  Her legal education introduced her to “cyber law” and from here her love of the on-line world developed.

Now, seven years later she is on a mission to revolutionize the way medical practices communicate and provide services to their patients.  Her skills, passion, determination and love for social media are transforming the way medical practices engage with their patients both on and off line.  For more about Amy watch her personal video by clicking here.

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Amy Wong trains, coaches and strategizes with medical practices across the country to enable them to create personable, sustainable relationships within their communities.  She is an attorney, educator, and entrepreneur, but more importantly she is a wife, mom to two, and step-mom to three.  She lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her family and two labs.  She may be contacted by:




Snail Mail:

Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC
7726 Bradley Boulevard
Bethesda MD 20817

Voice:  240.230.7353


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