Marketing RX: Use Webinars to Increase Your Medical Practice

webinarHave you considered using webinars to enhance your online, patient centered marketing strategies?  If you haven’t now is the time.  As you know, the Affordable Care Act has led to consolidations and higher health care premiums.  Both pose real challenges, especially for those practices that were barely keeping afloat before the acts passage.  Our business has exploded because of the shift from physicians thinking of medical websites as a novelty to a necessity.   As our business evolves so do our strategies.  Now that more and more practices are gaining a web presence, practices that want to stay ahead of their competition are finding they need to compete at a higher level.  Our answer to them is….Webinars!

Webinar Marketing RX:  Quick Facts

1.    Create a Memorable Experience that will move your viewers to action.

2.    Use compelling content to support your “call to action.”

3.    Practice using the service BEFORE your first “real” webinar with actual viewers….you can ask Randy why this point is hereJ

What is a Webinar?

Simply put a webinar is a broadcast that is sent to individuals or posted to a website that allows viewers (like your patients or prospective patients) to simply watch or, at their option, participate during a live webcast.  All that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection.  A webinar may also be referred to as a webcast, online event, or web seminar.

What can you do on a Webinar?

A webinar typically includes both an audio and a visual component.  This allows you to use videos or PowerPoint presentations to convey your message.  Your patients get to hear you convey your message and your prospective patients get to see how you interact with people and provide medical information … this is just one more tool to help them decide whether you are someone they should “trust” with their health care.

Webinars are a powerful way to get in front of prospective patients and do not require a huge outlay of time and money.  In fact, your staff could do simple webinars that show patients how to download forms from your site and complete necessary pieces of paperwork for new visits or surgical procedures.

How do I Create Content for my Webinar?

Webinars are a huge promotional tool used by businesses to sell a product or convert website visitors into subscribers.  Surprisingly, many health professionals forget that they are a business and they are selling a product….Your Services are your PRODUCT.  As such, you should structure your webinar in the same way as an on-line business would structure their sales offer.

Reverse Engineering

Step 1:  Start with your offer.  Your offer is the action you want your viewer to take, a.k.a “call to action.”  Once you know what your offer is you work from there to create your introduction.

Step 2:  Introduction.  You want to create an introduction that gives you credibility and keeps your viewer interested.

Step 3:  Body or foundation for your call to action.  This is the place that you educate and plant the seed as to why they must take whatever “call to action” you have requested.

Step 4:  Closing.  (really step 1)  What is your call to action?  What do you want your viewer to do?  Perhaps, it is to call the office to schedule an appointment or subscribe to your newsletter …whatever it might be don’t forget to include it in your closing.

Do you have a website, but no time to create written content? 

Some of our clients who don’t have time to create written content or, in the alternative, they don’t own their website…meaning they have to pay someone every time they want to add something to their website are choosing to create webinars.  Others are simply choosing to increase their exposure by adding webcasts to their site.  Whatever your situation you can’t go wrong by trying something new.  We will be adding a new webinar tab to our site that will contain valuable information for getting you started on your first webinar.

Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLC uses

We use for our webinars.  If you are ready to automate your medical practice (while keeping it personal) try for a month.   The first month is free and you can cancel if it’s not for you.  If you use our link we will get a small (very smallJ) affiliate commission.  If you have used and have points, tips or concerns, please comment below so our whole community can benefit from your experience!

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Your Online Authority

Become an online authority, Medical Marketing Enterprises, LLCReaders naturally search for an authority.  Authorities have the most credibility.  Your goal is to become a medical authority….online.

Every Website Must Provide Value

Every website must provide value.  Contrary to popular belief, most people are surfing the Internet with a specific purpose.  They are in search of an answer to a question or solution to a problem (really the same thing).

Remember the 3 types of websites?  Resource, Marketing and Interactive.   Regardless of the type of website you have, your website already provides value.  For instance, a basic “resource” site containing hours of operation, insurance information and directions provides value to your existing patients who know they can find this type of information on your site.

To improve your value and to turn your site into a powerful marketing tool, write articles on your site to answer your patients’ questions and solve their problems.  This is the best way your site can provide value and to rank you highly at the same time.

Value Breeds Trust

The more value you provide, and for free, the more trust you will develop.

Trust in you does not develop with one article.  It builds after several articles and over time.  Trust allows patients to leave comments and ask questions on your site.  Trust motivates “readers” to become real patients.

Credibility and Authority

Your degree gives you a certain level of credibility, hence, it will be easier and faster for you to develop trust compared to those without a degree.  You are, therefore, able to provide tremendous value to your readers by sharing your knowledge as an authority.

Remember, who else would be better to provide health information than you?

What Can You Do?

Don’t advertise.  Prove your authority and develop your trust by writing consistently and regularly.  It’s no different than educating our patients in an office setting.  Writing knowledgeably about what you do will provide tremendous value to your future patients.  Providing credible information establishes your authority and will accelerate the development of trust.

To Your Growth And Success!


Randall V. Wong, M.D.
Medical Website Optimization