Medical Practices Can Learn From Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy has a story.  He just won the U.S. Open.  Some say he is the next Tiger Woods.  What can a medical practice learn from this 22 year old champion?

I am casual golf fan and I don’t play the game, but I know more about this kid now than before the Open began.  Why?

It could be;

  • that he is the youngest winner in almost 10o years
  • that he has phenomenal skill,
  • that he is grounded
  • that he gives of himself, recently traveling to Haiti
  • that he has passion
  • that he is from a modest family, his father tending bar and sweeping floors to give his son an opportunity
  • that at 22, he already understands the sacrifices made on his behalf
  • that he lost the Masters on what many say was the worst day of his life
  • that “the worst day of his life,” he realizes is not so bad

It’s yes, yes and yes!  It’s everything above, because it’s the ….story.

It’s the story of Rory McIlroy that is intriguing.  It’s the story that is compelling.  People can relate to his story of dedication, passion and sacrifice.

Suppose Rory lead the country club life, fed by a silver spoon, nannies, private coaches and lessons, etc.  Would there be so much intrigue?  I don’t think so because most of us can’t relate to that type of life.

This is the lesson a medical practice should learn.  A medical practice should have a story.

Share it with your patients, and most importantly with your staff.

What are your beliefs and goals?  Is there a mission?  Why are you practicing?   Your story should be personal, grounded and transparent.

As I’ve said before, take down the Ivory Tower. Reveal who you are and less of what you are.

The physicians that can share of themselves, to prove they are humans, just like everyone else will have nothing else to prove.  The physicians that tell and have story to which their patients can relate, will win.

To Your Success.

How To Write and Publish Your First Post on WordPress

Writing your first post in WordPress is pretty easy. This post will walk you through the steps and screens that you need to start your very first post!!

The Dashboard

1.  After logging in to the administration panel of your web site.  You should see the following screen, if not, click on the Dashboard link as highlighted.

Wordpress Dashboard, Publishing First WordPress Post, Medical SEO, Medical Marketing Enterprises

Adding a New Post to

Locate and click on “Posts.”

It is also located in the left column of your screen.   When comfortable….click on “Posts” and the link should expand.

Publishing Your First Post on WordPress, Medical Marketing Enterprises, Medical SEO

Click on “Add New” which should now be located just below “Posts.”


Add New Post on WordPress, Medical Marketing Enterprises, Medical SEO
















Writing, Saving and Publish on WordPress

Your page should now look like the screenshot below. Click on the appropriate areas to add your title and content of your article. It is as simple as using any word processor. If you want to save your work without publishing it, click “Save Draft.” “Publish” will put your new post on the Internet!

Remember, you can always edit or remove posts and pages on WordPress at a later time!!

Add New Post to WordPress, Medical Marketing Enterprises