How to Create Your “About Me” Page

Start branding your medical practice and don’t wait to develop your “About Me” page.  The “About Me” is often one of the highest ranking pages on a website. So why then do most physicians/medical practices put so little thought into the development of their “About” section?

Engage Your Patients

Think of the “About Me” as your opportunity to engage with your patients in a personal and unique way that will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. It really should be the first page that is developed and it should set the tone for your entire website.

When you meet with an SEO guru see if and when they discuss the “About Me.”  True gurus understand just how important this section is and will spend a great deal of time exploring the many facets that are involved in branding your practice through your “About Me” page. If they skip it or rush it….run for the door.

Starting the “About Me”

First , you will want to visualize that you are having a conversation with a new patient and that they have asked you these four questions:

  1. Why do you do…what you do?
  2. How can you solve my problem?
  3. Why should I trust you?
  4. When you aren’t working, what do  you enjoy doing?

This will hopefully get you thinking about the many reasons that you love your chosen profession and how you enjoy your free time. The point is to give your readers a glimpse of who you really are, and that, of course means, going beyond the accolades listed in your resume. Give them a reason to want to connect to you.

Optimize Your “About” Page

You will also want to optimize your SEO for “About Me.”  So, just as with every other page on you website, choose a few keywords and work them into your content.

How to Organize Your “About Me”

Readers often remember what have last read. Consider designing your page in the following order:

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Specialty
  • Education
  • Qualifications
  • Hobbies
  • Personal Message

Always Include Your Contact Information

Even if you have separate section devoted to ways to contact you, be sure to include the same information on your “About Me” page. The easier you make it for your readers to reach out to you, the more likely they will actually do it.

Last, but Certainly not Least…Thank Your Readers!

The bottom line is that the development of your “About Me” is to either begin or continue a conversation with your reader/patient/referring physician. Be sure when you do this, you are authentic to yourself and your readers. No matter what, you will always want to increase your personal and professional brand with integrity.

SEO Tip for Your Medical Website

Presumably, you have taken a great deal of time to develop your “About Me” page so be sure to optimize it. Consider the following:

Is your website within the first ten results on Google TM for a chosen keyword?

If the answer is yes, then optimize your “About Me” with the same keyword.

Then link your “About Me” with your main page by using anchor text.

Then go to your main page and create anchor text to link your main page back to your “About Me.”